5th Grade Musical

Jungle Book

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Rehearsal Schedule (Changes are possible. Final schedule is sent out weekly through Remind)


8:00am: Kaa, Vultures, Jungle, Shanti, Shere Khan

8:30am: Baloo, Bagheera, Shanti, Mowgli


8:00am: Kaa, Vultures, Jungle, Shanti, Shere Khan, Mowgli, Baloo, Bagheera


Rehearsals will take place during music class. Starting in January, we will have before-school rehearsals on Thursdays from 8:00-8:45am. Look for more information on before-school rehearsals in December.

Jungle Book Parent Information Sheet

Jungle Book Cast List

Congratulations to all of the 5th Graders who auditioned to be a lead or supporting role in the spring musical! Casting the 5th Grade Show is always challenging because of all the talented students at Washington. Below is the cast list. Please remember that every part is important. The teachers and I worked very hard to cast this show in the best way. We are confident in our decisions and we know the show will be wonderful! I am so excited for the spring!

Aslan A. - Colonel Hathi

Lea B. - Kaa

Andrew C. - Elephant

Morgan D. - Elephant

Quinn D. - Elephant

Dylan E. - Kaa

Colin F. - Elephant

Cate F. - Elephant

Brady F. - Elephant

Gabe G. - Vulture

Morgan R. - Featured Elephant

Sofia R. - Baby Elephant

Soleil S. - Elephant

Gabriel S. - Shere Khan

Brian S. - Tech Crew

Sophia S. - Elephant

Alexis U. - Shanti

Scott V. - Elephant

Etai Y. - Featured Elephant

Miles A. - Monkey

Emma A. - Monkey

Mina B. - King Louie

James B. - Featured Monkey

Gianna B. - Monkey

William C. - Monkey

Bradley D. - Monkey

Ashley D. - Kaa

Renzo G. - Tech Crew

Anthony I. - Monkey

Lana J. - Monkey

Robert K. - Monkey

Jack M. - Jungle

Maddyn M. - Jungle

Ella O. - Monkey

Elle P. - Kaa

Emma S. - Mowgli

Grace S. - Bagheera

Elly B. - Vulture

Camden E. - Featured Monkey

Megan H. - Kaa

Joshua K. - Featured Monkey

Benjamin K. - Monkey

Joey L. - Tech Crew

Jack L. - Shanti's Family/Monkey

Michael M. - Monkey

Haylee N. - Shanti's Family/Monkey

Caden O. - Jungle

Kyle O. - Vulture

Caroline P. - Baloo

Brayden R. - Jungle

Dominick R. - Monkey

Garrett S. - Featured Monkey

Maddie S. - Kaa

Lauren S. - Monkey

Alex S. - Featured Monkey

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