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Washington School
Monthly Report
October 2019
Principal - Scott Blake

Our Kindergarten classes have been engaged in several different literacy, math, and science activities this month. In Reading Workshop, the children are learning how to have adventures with books and grow reading relationships with friends in the class. During Writing Workshop, the children are busy writing about topics of interest to them. They are using pictures, labels, and/or words to write down everything they know about topics of their choice. Other literacy activities have included listening to poems, reading engaging stories, and practicing rhyming and letter and sound recognition. In math, the children are using manipulatives to understand the concept of numbers through six.  With the transition into Fall, the children are exploring signs of the season. We are noticing change in the trees and weather. In Social Studies, we are participating in Washington School’s Week of Respect. The children are also following their talents and interests through meaningful experiences with blocks, loose parts, and painting.

1st Grade:
In reading, first graders are learning how to read pattern books. We are seeing how our fluency can improve when reading the same words on each page! Soon, we will start looking for strategies to solve tricky words in the books we are reading. 

In writing, we have been learning how to use our mentor texts to write similar stories! First graders have been adding different crafts, like repeating words, rhymes, and question answer patterns to their writing. Soon, we will be starting personal narratives so we can write all about our lives!

In word study, we are working through the short vowel sounds and practicing our sight words regularly. During centers we have been using many different tools to practice our words like sand, wikki stix, and loose parts. We are loving our homework menu because it allows us to have a choice in our word study practice. 

In Social Studies, we are finishing up talking about classroom rules and expectations and have started to explore families. We have been having a great time making family portraits, sharing pictures of our families, and are now learning the differences between how families lived in the past and now! Thank you for your continued support in helping your child to complete the family interview as well as assisting them in bringing in a picture of their family today.

We will be making math facts this month! First graders will be using strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems. It is important that these facts are practiced at home so that automaticity can happen! 

We are learning a lot and having tons of fun in first grade! 

2nd Grade:
In the month of October, we will learn different strategies to figure out ‘tricky words’ as well as retelling our stories in sequential order, identify problems and solutions in our books and making/revising predictions. We are working to revise, edit and publish our Small Moment stories.  You will be receiving the published piece and published writing folder upon completion of this unit.

In Math we continue to review our basic addition and subtraction facts. It is important to practice facts at home for speed and automaticity. In Science we started learning about solids and their properties.  In Social Studies we are learning about Changemakers.  We will be discussing how we can all be Changemakers too.

3rd Grade:
Happy October from grade 3! In math, the students are completing chapter 3, and they will be moving on to chapter 4. This next chapter focuses on subtracting with and without regrouping. In social studies, the students have been learning about social scientists and rights and responsibilities within our community. In writing, the third graders are working on drafting their first writing piece, which is Personal Narrative. They are focusing on small moments, writing using the “I” voice, and other elements of narrative writing. We are very excited to see how they turn out! We are completing our first reading unit. This unit has included word attack skills and comprehension strategies. For word study, the students have been applying spelling rules that focus on the weekly pattern. We appreciate all of the support we have been receiving from the parents at home. Please continue practicing addition and subtraction facts with your children, and please be sure to have your child fill in his/her reading log each night. Thank you!

4th Grade:
The fourth grade had a wonderful first month of school learning routines, setting expectations, and building our classroom communities. In language arts we are telling stories and generating entries for our personal narratives. Students are learning that they all have important stories to tell and are taking pride in their ideas. In reading we are studying characters. We are inferring what traits and feelings our characters have as well as how they interact with other characters, change over the course of the story, and what motivates them to make the choices they do. We are beginning to expand on our thinking and write entries about our ideas. In social studies, students are learning how colonization affected the native people of New Jersey and the land as well. In math, we have completed our first unit and have moved on to building number sense and estimation. We are excited to continue working towards are goals and participate in the activities that the fall brings! 

5th Grade:
The fifth grade has had an excellent start to the school year. We are enjoying kicking off each day with a morning meeting. Students continue to build classroom communities, where they feel safe and comfortable to learn and take risks. 

In language arts, we are finishing our unit of developing a community of readers. We are learning new strategies to think as we read and build our independent reading stamina. In writing we are working on our strategies and skills for writing personal narratives. Students have been using various narrative writing strategies to strengthen their writing.  

In math we have completed Chapter One on place value. We are launching Chapter Two at the end of this week into next week. Our focus will be bar modeling review and whole number multiplication and division.  

In social studies, we have discussed the different types of government and how it compares to the democracy we have in the United States.  We are wrapping up the unit with a Google Slide presentation created by the students. This will show information about famous explorers that the students researched and studied. 

There are many fifth grade activities beginning in October. Book Buddies is an exciting time for our fifth and first graders. We will be meeting with our first grade friends twice a month. Students also ran for Student Council positions, are participating in safety patrol, morning announcements, flag officers, and soon the try outs for the fifth grade play! We are looking forward to another great month. 


10/7-11/19 - Week of Respect

10/8/19 - PTO Meeting @ 9:15 

10/9/19 - Schools Closed - Yom Kippur

10/14/19 - Minimum Day - PreK-8th 

10/17/19 - Harvest Festival @ 3:30 - Blacktop

10/18/19 - Harvest Festival Rain Date

10/21-25/19 – Anti-Violence Week

10/21/19 – 4th Grade Discovery Field Trip

10/22/19 – Fall Book Fair – Day and Night

10/23/19 – Fall Book Fair – Day only 

10/25/19 – Wizard Challenge
                       WEF Gala @ Brownstone 7:30pm

10/31/19 – Halloween Parade @ 2:30

11/1/19 – Wizard Challenge – Rain Date 

11/4/19 – No School - Parent Teacher Conferences

11/5-6/19 – Minimum Days – Parent Teacher Conferences

11/6/19 – Spirit Day

11/7-8/19 – NJEA Convention Break – No School

11/10/19 – PTO Meeting (Evening) @ 7:30pm

11/15/19 – GWE PTO Parent Night @ T-Bowl - 8-11pm

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