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Washington School
Monthly Report
March 2020
Principal - Scott Blake

The month of March will be exciting in Kindergarten, as we expect a tricky little leprechaun to visit our classrooms. (Shhh… it's a surprise!) During Reading, we will continue to work on retelling stories we read by identifying the characters and setting, and sequencing the major events in the story. The children will continue to work on reading higher-level texts. During Writing Workshop, the children will learn that they have opinions about a variety of topics and that they can express these opinions in writing. In Word Study, we will practice many phonological skills that will help us read and write consonant-vowel-consonant words. In Math, we will continue our work composing and decomposing the number 10 and will explore two and three dimensional shapes.  In Social Studies, we will focus on our school community and will learn about the different places, people, and jobs in the school. The children will plan and sketch a replica of Washington School! In Science, the children will work on a design solution to change the speed and direction of an object.

1st Grade:
In reading, we are working on finding the main ideas in information books! We have been post iting facts and finding new information on many nonfiction texts that we find interesting to us. We encourage you to ask your child about the topics they have been reading about! 

In writing, we have started writing non-fiction chapter books. We are continuing to become experts on our topic to teach our readers everything they need to know. We are adding a table of contents, specific chapters that go with our research, and diagrams to our writing pieces. We are also using non-fiction books that we are reading in Reader’s Workshop to help us add more facts to our writing pieces.

In word study we will continue to focus on “long vowel” sounds (when the vowel says its name). We will learn to use “ee” as your first choice for the long “e” sound in the middle of a word,  “ay” when your hear a long “a” at the end of a word, and “ow” when you hear long “o” at the end of a word. Please continue to review past word study concepts at home as well. 

First graders are now working on recognizing numbers to 40. In the next month, we will be learning about how to add and subtract numbers within 40. Continue practicing your facts at home! 

In Science, we have started our Earth Science unit! Students will observe, investigate, describe, and predict some patterns in the movement of objects in the sky like the sun, moon, and stars. Take some time with your child to notice these patterns at home: (sunrise, sunset, phases of the moon, and constellations.) They are very interested and observant!

2nd Grade:
In Science the second graders will predict if March will be more like a “lion’” (windy and cold) or more like a “lamb” (calm and warm).  They will be studying landforms and how they are formed.

In Math, we are working on money.  The students are learning about coins, bills, and making change.  We are creating builds to show where people work and how people spend money at these businesses. 

The second grade students are working diligently in both reading and writing workshop. They are studying a character in a series and learning about their character traits.  They are writing about their characters and writing letters to persuade people to read that series.  

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from second grade!

3rd Grade:
In third grade, the students are learning about area and perimeter in math. For reading, we completed our character unit and our next unit will focus on interpreting messages across myths, fables, folktales, and fairy tales. The students will be reading a variety of these texts in the upcoming weeks. They will work on retelling and summarizing these stories. The unit will conclude with myths from around the world. For writing the students published character theory essays. In the next unit, the students will be adapting and writing fairy tales. We will read adaptations of different fairy tales and look at how each one compares to the original. In science, we are continuing to explore force and motion through magnets and batteries. We are all really looking forward to Theme Day!  Our classrooms are in need of disinfectant wipes and tissues. Thank you to those who have already donated!

4th Grade:
The fourth grade has been working very hard in language arts to analyze texts and write literary essays. We have been learning from our mentor writers how to organize ideas in paragraphs and paragraphs into essays. In reading, we are learning about fairytales, myths, fables, and folktales. We are beginning to compare our ideas across these tales. 

In math, we have been learning about decimal place value. We will then be building on our understanding of measurement, followed by our units on geometry. 

In science we are making observations, predictions, and asking questions in order to construct scientific explanations as we explore energy. As a summation of our previous social studies units, we will be visiting the Zabrisky house on March 12th. We are excited to learn about the history of Wyckoff! 

5th Grade:
March is truly a crazy month filled with fun activities and threats of snowy weather! The fifth graders are so excited for our Leprechaun Trap building with our kindergarten buddies.  The excitement on the faces of both kindergarteners and fifth graders during this activity is truly priceless.  Let’s see if that pesky leprechaun is actually caught this year! Everyone is counting down the days until the 5th grade trip!  On March 18th, the fifth grade students will be venturing into New York City to eat at Hard Rock Cafe and see “Wicked”. Theme Day is quickly approaching as well. We are always amazed at the efforts that are put into the planning and execution of this awesome day! 

In math, the fifth graders are currently learning how to multiply and divide decimals. As we continue to focus on decimal operations, we will complete these two combined chapters (decimals and decimal operations) with some real world word problems that practice these skills. Following our decimal chapters, we will start learning about volume, measurement and data.

In language arts we are continuing to work on our informational writing pieces. Students have been applying their knowledge of nonfiction reading to their writing. They have chosen their own topics and have been busy researching and writing. We can’t wait to share them! We will be moving into a new unit at the end of March on social groups and issues. Students will be working in book clubs! 

In science, the students have been learning about water and the spheres in our Earth Science unit. They are enjoying the hands on activities that come along with this unit.  The investigations and observations keep our students predicting, answering questions, observing, and making hypotheses.  Don’t forget to ask your children all about water at home! Don’t forget to shut the water off while you are brushing your teeth. We are learning that the conservation of water will help to make our planet a better place. Looking ahead, we will learn about how the Water Cycle and the Spheres interact with one another. 


3/10/20 – PTO Meeting – Evening @ 7:30 - MPR

3/16/20 – Minimum Day – Dismissal at 1:05pm
                BOE Meeting @ 6:30 – Sicomac

3/27/20 – Kindergarten Concert for Parents @ 9:30

4/1/20 - Spirit Day
4/2/20 - 4th Grade Choral Concert for Parents @ 2:30

4/6-10/20 - Schools Closed - Spring Recess and Good Friday

4/14/20 - PTO Meeting @ 9:15

4/15-16/20 - Spring Book Fair - Media Center

4/18/20 - WEF Fun Run

4/20/20 - Connected Parent Series - Washington Family Block Play - GWE 
                Kindergarten Rooms @ 3:30 - 4:15

4/22/20 - Earth Day
               Washington's Science Fair - Gym and MPR @ 6:30 - 8:00

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