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Washington School
Monthly Report
January 2020
Principal - Scott Blake

The kindergarten children continue to make great strides in all areas of development.  During reading, the children have been learning and practicing strategies that will help them become independent readers. They are using picture clues and sounds to help them figure out unknown words.   During writing, the children are focusing on how to generate ideas for a story and how to plan and sketch the story in sequence across three pages.  In Word Study, we recently learned the short o sound.  The children are working hard to read and write words that have the letter o in the middle.   In math, the children have been learning and applying many different mathematical concepts. They have been practicing building and writing teen numbers, sequencing numbers to 20, and engaging in several hands-on activities to further develop their concept of number.   The children are looking forward to the 100th day celebration as they continue to count up to this special day.   In social studies, the children are learning about different types of families, family traditions, and our favorite family activities.  

1st Grade:
 In reading, we have been working on retelling the stories we read by using many retelling strategies. We will be working more on looking at our characters in the stories we read and deciding what they are like based on what they do, what they say, and what they look like! Keep reading at home and growing that love of reading! 

In writing, first graders are working on writing reviews of our favorite topics. We are learning how to convince someone to try different books through writing stories, catchy introductions, and making suggestions.

In word study, we just updated our homework menu to keep our homework choices fresh and fun! We also have a new word study notebook with our list of 100 high frequency words. Your child should be able to read these 100 words by the end of first grade. This month we will continue learning more blends, as well as the word endings -s, -ing, and -ed.

In Social Studies, we will be starting to investigate our community. We will be talking, building, and exploring different important community buildings and what they contribute to Wyckoff. They are very interested and observant!

First graders are continuing to practice our math facts! We have started to practice adding and subtracting numbers to 20. Keep looking out for those colored fact cards that are coming home in our math fact baggies! Once the mastery of facts to 10 is shown, we will start bringing home addition and subtraction fact cards to 20. Keep up the great work! 

2nd Grade:
Happy 2020 from the second grade!  We wish you a happy and healthy New Year. 

We rang in the New Year writing resolutions and revisiting our 2nd grade Hopes and Dreams for the school year.  We are wrapping up our Realistic Fiction unit in Reading and Writing Workshop.  
In Math, we are working on Bar Models and multi-step word problems.  It is important to continue practicing math facts for accuracy and automaticity.  
We have been learning about Changemakers in Social Studies and will learn about Martin Luther King Jr.  He helped change the laws in our country and fought for equal rights using powerful words.  The second grade classes will discuss our own dreams to make our world a better place…starting in our own homes and in our own communities.   They are learning that “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it’s not.”  Dr. Seuss, The Lorax.

3rd Grade:
In third grade the students are continuing to practice their multiplication and division facts. They have also been introduced to our chapter on fractions. This chapter will include understanding equivalent fractions, adding and subtracting fractions, and being able to compare like and unlike fractions. In reading, we have started unit 3 which focuses on interpreting characters and their relationships. The students will be working closely with reading partners to make inferences, notice patterns, and analyze the characters in their books. In writing, we published our nonfiction project about a topic we researched. Our next unit will be “Writing about Reading,” which will equip students with the tools they need to formulate and defend claims about a piece of literature. This requires close reading, attention to literary craft, and the ability to cite relevant textual evidence to support their claims. In social studies, the students will be learning about their location in regard to our school, town, county and state.
We wanted to thank all of our parent volunteers for the amazing holiday stations they prepared and ran for our students prior to winter break. The children (and we) loved everything! What a wonderful afternoon!

4th Grade:
Happy New Year! The fourth graders are excited to begin our routines in the new year. We’re kicking off 2020 by revising our hopes and dreams and setting goals. After making new year resolutions, in social studies, we are starting a brand new unit on government. In language arts, students are completing a unit on non- fiction. We are also finishing our small moment personal essays. We will be starting to study theme and how to support our ideas with evidence. Ultimately, we will be using these skills to compare our ideas across multiple texts to write a literary essay. Lastly, in math, students are reviewing fraction concepts taught in third grade. Students will be building on this knowledge to learn about mixed numbers. We are looking forward to a successful and productive 2020! Keep reading and practicing facts! 

5th Grade:
We are looking forward to a great start to 2020! The fifth graders are working hard in their academic subjects, as well as extracurriculars.  The fifth grade chorus ended 2019 with an amazing performance!  The fifth grade band has their performance coming up next week, which we are all excited to see! The students are all thrilled to share their Narrative Poems during their Poetry Cafe on Friday, January 17th. Check the invitations for individual class times. 

The fifth grade mathematicians are starting to explore multiplying and dividing fractions and mixed numbers in chapter 4. So far we have learned how to multiply proper fractions by proper fractions and proper fractions by mixed numbers, and will continue to develop our fraction knowledge as the chapter continues. The students have loved applying their knowledge of fractions by playing fraction games/puzzles with our fraction tiles. 

In Language Arts we are continuing our Unit on Reading Across Genres. The students are working on identifying the character’s different point of views and writing about the different themes and lessons told through the texts. They have also been comparing texts through their writing. Comparing character traits, themes/lessons and any conflicts the stories have. After our Poetry Cafe the students will begin to investigate and research a chosen topic for their new writing piece. They will be able to pick a topic that they are interested in and research the topic coming up with a CLAIM that they will prove through their writing. We are excited about this new writing project!

We have begun reading the book “Chains”. This is a historical ficton that will help to enhance and partner with the new social studies unit.  Each day brings information that will guide us through our newest reading and writing units. 

The fifth graders are excited to venture back into Social Studies in the New Year. They will learn about why colonists emigrated from Europe to the New World by learning about New Spain, New France, and New Netherlands.  This unit is packed with important information about life in the colonies. This includes the naming of the 13 original colonies, slavery within the colonies, and eventually what caused the American Revolution.  All of the students are excited to delve into these topics. Get ready for a historical roller coaster that will keep the attention of our fifth graders in the month of January! 

The 3rd, 4th and 5th graders are working on our Mock Caldecott. We will be reading many illustrated books that were published in 2019 and making predictions as to which ones we think deserve a medal for best artwork. 


1/8/20 – Spirit Day

1/9/20 – Connected Parent Series – The Power of Our Words to                        
               Support Student Prosocial Behavior @ 2:00pm – Washington           

1/10/20 – Family Game Night @ 6:30-8pm - Washington Gym

1/13-17/20 – Wellness Week     

1/15/20 – Advanced Band Concert for Parents @ 1:30pm – Washington

1/17/20 - 5th Grade Poetry Reading – 5D & 5C @ 11am, 5M @ 2pm  

1/20/20 – School Closed for Students – Martin Luther King Day  

1/24/20 – Family Game Night Snow Date

1/29/20 – Connected Parent Series – Washington Makerspace Night @                                        
                6:30pm – 8pm - MPR

2/4/20 – Connected Parent Series – The Power of Play – Washington @                                      
               7:30-8:30pm - MPR

2/5/20 – Spirit Day

2/11/20 – PTO Meeting @ 9:15 – MPR

2/17-21/20 – Schools Closed – Winter Break

2/28/20 – Read-A-Thon – Dr. Seuss’ Birthday

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