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Washington School
Monthly Report
May 2019
Principal - Scott Blake


It is hard to believe that we are so close to the end of Kindergarten already. The students have continued to learn many new ideas, concepts, and skills, foster friendships, and grow as individuals. They are excited to attend a field trip to the Tenafly Nature Center. They students will also be looking forward to their first Field Day at Washington School! The students are continuing to work hard in academic areas in order to get ready for first grade, which is just around the corner! The kindergarteners are exploring non-fiction texts. They will be working in book clubs to read and learn about a variety of topics. Along the way, they will also be learning about non-fiction text features. In Writing Workshop, the children completed opinion based pieces and will soon turn their attention to writing fictional stories focused around a character of their choosing. In Math, the students are working to build fluency with addition and subtraction facts and solving story problems. In Science, the children are learning all about plants and animals, and what living things need to survive. We are creating a large-scale mural to show the relationship between the plants, animals, and environment in a forest! It has been a very exciting learning experience for each student! The Kindergarten teachers are proud of all of the accomplishments that the Kindergarteners have made thus far and anticipate their continued growth throughout the last months of the school year!

1st Grade:

In reading, we will begin to study authors and the many books they write. We will be studying point of view, looking at the importance of looking at both words and pictures when retelling a story, and working with partners to enhance our comprehension of stories we read. Students will be able to continue working on their fluency, accuracy, and comprehension in studying authors of their favorite books. This will take us to the end of the year and will prepare us for second grade!

In writing, we have started our realistic fiction books. We created characters that we brought to life in art class. These characters are going on adventures and solving problems just like us! Soon we'll be writing a series about these characters to capture all of their adventures!

In word study, we will be learning another long "o" sound using "oa," the "ow" sound as in the word plow, as well as contractions. Please continue practicing sight words and red words at home as well.

First graders will continue working on using mental math strategies to add and subtract. Fact practice will be important in this as it will help us to quickly recognize answers in math problems. We will also begin learning how to tell time! Continue practicing math facts at home as the next chapters build upon these skills.

In social studies, we will be learning all about maps! We will learn about the types of information maps can give us, the 4 cardinal directions, keys and symbols on different maps, and learn about maps of our school, town, state, and country.

In science, we moved into learning about plants within our life science unit. The students each planted their own lima bean seeds and have been watching them grow, watering them, and taking notes about the changes they see. We have also enjoyed going outside to observe, document, and even collect the growth happening all around us.

Going along with our Life Science unit, the first graders will be taking their field trip to the Turtleback Zoo this month! We are really looking forward to all of the fun and learning that we will experience!

2nd Grade:

Happy Mother's Day from the second grade teachers! In science we began our Life Science unit and are observing the changes in our plants as they grow. We are wrapping up our Fluency and Poetry units in Reading and Writing Workshop. The students have done a wonderful job performing Reader's Theater for the class as well as focusing on how Poets "convey it without saying it". Our next unit is Research! The students will learn to include important facts, non-fiction features, and interesting partner sentences in their writing pieces. The second grade teachers are very proud of our students! In Math, the students have been working hard at multiplication and are working on strategies for mental math.

3rd Grade:

The month of May is going to be very busy for our third graders! We are finishing the NJSLA assessment. In reading, the students will focus on nonfiction topics that they are interested in and excited to learn about. They will explore various note-taking strategies while determining importance and synthesizing information. In writing, students will start working on a persuasive writing piece. In math, the students are learning how to read and interpret graphs. They have also created their own graphs from data they collected after surveying classmates. Reinforcing and reviewing math facts continues to be an area of importance in our math curriculum. We also started our Life Science unit which focuses on inherited traits and the environment, organisms that lived long ago and their changing environment, as well as life cycles. The students are enjoying our new classroom pets! The third graders are also looking forward to our field trip to the Bronx Zoo on May 8th!

4th Grade:

This month in language arts we have started a unit on historical fiction. We are learning strategies to read this new genre and also how to work in book clubs. We are also continuing our work with research articles in writing. In math we are working on area and perimeter. In science we are dissecting plants and learning all about life science. We are looking forward to our field trip on May 7th to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty!

5th Grade:

The fifth graders are thrilled to be done with the language arts section of the NJSLA and get back to their book clubs. Students have been learning about social groups and issues in short texts and are ready to apply what they have learned in their chapter books. We have been practicing discussion strategies to make the most out of our time in our groups. Students are planning assignments and discussing their thinking in detail. Once we learn about developing theories and claims, students will be applying their book club ideas to a literary essay.

In math, the fifth graders are going to start reviewing what they've learned this year in preparation for the math NJSLA, which we will be taking this month. At the conclusion of NJSLA, the fifth graders will be going to back our units on algebra and fractions and diving deeper to better prepare themselves for middle school.

All of our Social Studies students have been diligently researching an assigned historical figure from the Revolutionary time period. They chose internet and book sources to find out some important information. Mrs. Flanagan will be coming into our Social Studies classes to demonstrate the usage of WeVideo. The students are so excited to videotape themselves acting as two people. We can't wait to see the final presentations! Stay tuned because you will also be able to see your child's video when it is finished. Once this project is completed, we will be moving on to our final unit in Science. Boy, this year really has flown right by!!


Second grade has started studying nonfiction author Steve Jenkins.
Third grade is finishing up this unit learning 8 different literary genres.
Fourth grade is beginning an author study of Patricia Polacco.
And all grades are loving our Little Free Library. Thank you for all the book donations you've sent in to make it possible!


5/7-8/19 - NJSLA - Science Testing - Grade 5

5/7/19 - 4th Grade Field Trip to Liberty Science Center
PTO Meeting at 9:15am

5/8/19 - 3rd Grade Field Trip to Bronx Zoo
Kindergarten Field Trip to the Tenafly Nature Center

5/9-10/19 - NJSLA -Science Make up Testing

5/9/19 - 1st Grade Field Trip to Turtle Back Zoo

5/11/19 - WEF Run

5/14-5/16/19 - NJSLA - Math Testing - Grades 3, 4, 5

5/17/19 - 1st Grade Parent Visit in Classrooms @ 2pm

5/17-5/20/19 - NJSLA Make Ups

5/20/19 - BOE Meeting - Eisenhower @ 7pm

5/22/19 - Bike Safety Day

5/24/19 & 5/27/19 - Schools Closed - Memorial Day

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