How to Memorize Math Facts

Memorizing math facts is the most important step to understanding math. Math facts are the building blocks to all other math concepts and memorizing makes them readily available. Memorize math facts at appropriate grade levels to insure readiness for all math lessons.

Things You'll Need:
  A positive attitude

Step 1
Choose a time and place to memorize math facts. This can be an extension of regular homework time or another special time, depending on how much homework there is on a given day.

Step 2
Set goals with your child to measure his progress. Most teachers have goals for the year in this area. Home goals should meet or exceed these standards.

Step 3
Print a free math facts worksheet from the Web. The worksheet should have at least 100 problems. Choose worksheets that correspond with classroom goals when possible.

Step 4
Set a timer for ten minutes, and when your child is ready, begin. Encourage her to skip math facts she does not know and come back to them if there is time left.

Step 5
Check completed problems with your child by saying them out loud. For example, one times two is two.

Step 6
Fill in missing answers together out loud. This allows the child to not only see the correct answer, but also to hear the number sentence at the same time. Rewrite incorrect answers five times each while saying them out loud.

Step 7
Keep a record of your child's progress in a visible place. Provide a reward when preset goals are reached.

Tips & Warnings

Memorizing math facts is essential to math success. Each child moves at a different pace. Classmates may move on before your child is finished with addition.

Don't make comparisons. Reward your child's success at memorizing math facts based on the goals set together.

Memorizing math facts should include both oral and written practice. By saying facts out loud, both the eyes and ears are engaged in the learning process. The brain loves repetition, so the more math facts are spoken and seen, the more progress is made.

By eHow Contributing Writer

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