2W Engineers designing and building bridges!
about 7 hours ago, Kelly Wogisch
2RS mathematicians practicing their math facts!
about 9 hours ago, Danielle Ross
Second grade engineers started planning how to build a bridge that can hold 6 blocks!
2 days ago, Danielle Ross
2RS students enjoyed reviewing our past word study words!
9 days ago, Danielle Ross
What does sound look like? What does sound feel like? 1L scientists had fun exploring these questions. @MrsLutzer “When I banged the tuning fork and put it in the rice I saw the rice jump!” “The tuning fork made the water splash out because of the vibration.”
12 days ago, Arielle Lutzer
1L scientist
1L scientist
1L scientist
1L scientist
Please send in gently used children’s books your family has outgrown. Thank you! Mrs. T.
13 days ago, Jessica Telesmanich
seeking children’s book donations for the little free library
2RS and 2W had a fun end to the day playing a math fact game! ➕➖
14 days ago, Danielle Ross
2RS scientist created their own play-doh today!
15 days ago, Danielle Ross
2-Rowland had a blast at centers today!
15 days ago, Jessica Telesmanich
girls with completed jigsaw puzzle
girls with powerclix creation
boy with block tower
boy with PlusPlus
5C having fun using our new neon name tents to write questions to discuss in our book clubs today! Thank you Washington School’s PTO for these great learning tools.
16 days ago, Joanne Certo
name tents
name tents
name tents
Scientists in 1C enjoyed our sound activity today! They made observations and took detailed notes in their science notebooks 🔈👨‍🔬👩‍🔬
16 days ago, Paige Cassella
student listening to a cup of dice while holding it up to his ear
students gathered around desks taking notes in their science notebooks
girl student with braids in her hair taking notes in her science notebook
2RS students are so excited to be starting our realistic fiction unit!
21 days ago, Danielle Ross
It was a great day to test out our structures to see if we were able to reduce the warming effect of the sunlight! We used our "Harry The Dirty Dog" puppets from our star book Harry by the Sea for the experiment! It was a great success!
21 days ago, Jayne Ramirez
children outside with builds
boy and girl outside smiling
boy outside
Thank you, Mrs. Ferreira! The students at Washington will love the new “pet” in the media center. Lou the lobster officially debuts today!
21 days ago, Jessica Telesmanich
barcode scanner
Today in science, we designed and built structures to reduce the warming effect of the sunlight! We are so excited to test the structures out tomorrow!
22 days ago, Jayne Ramirez
girl holding build
girl holding build
boys holding build
boy holding build
Thankful for this beautiful fall day! 🍁🍂
23 days ago, Jennifer Kerin
two girls with their arms around each other
girl upside down
6 boys with their arms around each other
girl going down slide
5C shares what a Personal Narrative consists of, why you need it, why it’s important and some examples. 5C worked together to teach us about the important parts of a Personal Narrative. Learning through choice, collaboration and peer teaching.
26 days ago, Joanne Certo
It was a beautiful day to notice changes in our class tree! The children enjoyed observing how the tree has changed from our last sketch and illustrating all the colors of fall!
27 days ago, Jayne Ramirez
children sketching tree
girl  smiling
boy smiling
1L had so much fun learning about what it like growing up in the 1950s and 1960s. What a treat to have grandparents who can share about their lives AND who can still hula hoop! @MrsLutzer
27 days ago, Arielle Lutzer
family visit
family visit
family visit
family visit
2RS scientists created their own recyclable friends! 🥄🍴
28 days ago, Danielle Ross