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about 9 hours ago, Wyckoff School District
no school
KK develops their number sense outdoors!
about 20 hours ago, Jennifer Kerin
Numbers 1-5 with items from nature
Little girl with numbers 1-5 and items from nature
Little boy with numbers 1-5 and items from nature
Little boy with numbers 1-5 and items from nature
5C working hard writing about characters and their traits and emotions. Great day to write!! @CertoMrs @WPSWashington @wyckoffschools
1 day ago, Joanne Certo
5C Writing
5C Writing
5C Writing
KR selected a tree to track through the seasons! On this first day of fall, we studied "our" tree and sketched all that we observed!
1 day ago, Jayne Ramirez
girl drawing
girl drawinf
children drawing
Second graders practicing addition skills!!
1 day ago, Kelly Wogisch
Ending another great week with our September school wide meeting.
1 day ago, Heather Flanagan
Student Council Members leading the school wide meeting
Students gathered for a school wide meeting
Thank you to our grade level representatives who came together with student council to develop the SCHOOL WIDE RULES! Tomorrow is the big reveal!!! šŸ§™ā€ā™‚ļø
2 days ago, Ashley Gonzalez
Washington School students were excited to meet trainers and dogs from The Seeing Eye: Pennies for Puppies and Dollars for Dogs Organization. We are looking forward to sponsoring a puppy through the Seeing Eye Training program!
2 days ago, Heather Flanagan
A seeing eye dog trainer standing with a black lab seeing eye dog talking to students about training these dogs.
2 seeing eye dogs and a puppy each standing with a trainer
3rd, 4th, & 5th graders developed grade level rules with the help from student council! Great teamwork!
3 days ago, Ashley Gonzalez
4th grade
5th grade
3rd grade
Thanks for coming to BTSN 5C parents!! It was so great to meet you. Looking forward to a wonderful year! šŸŽ
4 days ago, Joanne Certo
The children in KR were so excited to take a nature walk with Mrs. Viaud and find different colors in nature! We found purple in flowers, orange in logs, beige in twigs and more! The children then recorded their observations in their science journals. Thank you Mrs. Viaud!
5 days ago, Jayne Ramirez
boy with journal
boy with journal
girl with log
girl with twig
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5 days ago, Wyckoff School District
Thank you for pushing in today Mrs. Viaud! KK really enjoyed our color matching nature walk! It reminds us to look more closely for the beauty in the environment that we see every day!
5 days ago, Jennifer Kerin
Little girl matching the yellow card to the yellow sun
Little boy matching a green card to an acorn
Two little girls matching a purple card to flowers
Little boy match the gray color card to a stick
We love getting to know all about each other!!
5 days ago, Joanne Certo
5Cā€™s Collages
KK loved their very first Makerspace! Incredible cardboard creations!
7 days ago, Jennifer Kerin
Little girl creating with cardboard
Little boy making a game out of an egg carton
Two children creating with cardboard
Little boy making a game with a shoe box and toilet paper roll
On Friday we turned our room into a Makerspace! The children designed and built cardboard creations such as binoculars, telescopes, robots, cats, and more!
7 days ago, Jayne Ramirez
girl with telescope
boy with robot
girl with cat
girl with binoculars
KR is loving the Wizard's Den and all it has to offer!
9 days ago, Jayne Ramirez
children standing by tree
boy standing on log
children sitting on a log
girl sitting on a log
KR enjoyed a fun activity after reading a favorite story - Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!
9 days ago, Jayne Ramirez
table with book and wood materials and letters
boy building
boys building
KR students are enjoying getting to know each other through partner shares at morning meeting and partner reading!
11 days ago, Jayne Ramirez
girls reading a book
morning meeting partner share
girls reading book
boys reading book
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11 days ago, Wyckoff School District